GLOCAL FACTORY is a network of experts working for inclusion and innovation in Europe.

The Projecting Team writes and manages European projects in different fields, focusing on Erasmus+, AMIF and REC programme. The Team is international, based in Italy and Greece and it is composed of experts who have been working with EU projects for years and new, young members, with complementary skills.

Our work relies on the wide, international network of our partners, more than 30 public and private organizations and institutions, and schools coming from more than 20 countries inside and outside Europe. They work with us in designing projects, developing creative and innovative tools, implementing inclusive activities and events.



Glocal Factory is “a system” formed by a non–profit association and a social co-operative, both legally established in Italy, that joins volunteers and professionals working in the social and educational fields. The co-operative was born on January 8th, 2018, as a natural evolution of the Association having the same name, founded in 2015 by Roberta Morosillo and a group of experts and volunteers engaged in European projects in the social and educational fields.
It is inspired to the values of democracy and social solidarity that are the basis of the Constitution of the Italian Republic and of the European Union Treaties.



Glocal Factory’s activity is developed along three strands:

  • Layout and implementation of projects in the social and educational fields, granted by the European Union or by other public and private institutions. Our priorities are social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, prevention and fighting against gender-based violence, school education, work and social inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable people and groups, the well-being of young people, quality of youth work, experimentation of new forms of Communitarian and Generative Welfare and the promotion of “social economy” and sustainable development.
  • International events and webinars promoting citizens’ participation and the debate on the present and future of European society.
  • Design and realization of learning paths, modules and resources, including the international courses for teachers granted by the EU Programme “Erasmus Plus – Key Action 1”

The members of the Social Co-Operative “Glocal Factory”


Three words that inspire me: amazement, involvement, beauty

Anna Schena


Recent Philosophy graduate at the University of Verona, I live now in this beautiful city but I’m still exploring the roads of the world. I made many different jobs and activities: video maker, waitress, teacher, worker, boy scout and sportswoman.

The common theme is my love for cultural activities engaging in local and global communities and the commitment for a real inclusion of minorities. These took me to Glocal Factory with which I share ideas and projects and start this new travel!


Roberta Morosillo

Roberta Morosillo


The birth and first two years of Glocal Factory’s life have been determined in great part by the commitment and creativity of Roberta Morosillo.

Graduated in Political Science, with the first experience in cooperation in Morocco, she has become one of the best Project Manager in the field of development education.

Unfortunately, on February 8th 2017 Roberta suffered from a serious brain injury due to an aneurysm.

Nowadays, our colleague and co-founder is undergoing a rehabilitation period. Every day our thoughts and best wishes accompany her recovery.


Three words that inspire me: analysis, path, community

Attilio Orecchio

Member of the Board and Expert

I have a University degree in Political Sciences, International Studies. When I was younger, I worked as a trade union officer, then as a president of the socio-cultural association “ARCI” in Verona and as a journalist. From twenty years I write European projects in the field of school, vocational training, social inclusion, education to human rights and sustainable development. Many times I am in charge of the coordination of such projects, or anyway I must give a contribution to their implementation. For this I co-operate with schools, universities, local institutions, associations, NGOs. I am a trainer too, and in particular I am professor of Techniques of Euro-projecting at the Venice International University.

The link that inspire me:

Cristina Demartis

Member of the Board and Expert

Master in sociology, has worked in international organizations (UNESCO, EHESS, European Commission) and national (ENAIP, COSPE, ARCI), as a teacher, coordinator and evaluator of national and European projects in Education, on new methodologies, social innovation , active citizenship and migration topics. She says that there are many reasons to be cheerful working on European projects, for the possible good practices to realize.

The link that inspire me:

Three words that inspire me: networking, trustworthiness, social innovation

Alessandro Carbone

Member of the Board and Expert

Over 20 years of international experience in training adults and young people, in facilitating groups, in consulting working teams, supporting entrepreneurship. With a relevant social work background (on an academic and professional level) and, recently with tourism expertise (via business action), he’s a free-lancer active in European project consulting, design, management, and evaluation. Born in Germany, raised in his home country Italy, living in Greece, he speaks all the correlated languages, plus English of course!



Curiosity, listening, collaboration: these are the words which inspire me.

Elena Frascaroli

Member of the Board and Expert

I have a degree in Political Sciences and a PhD in Sociology. I have been working for the last 15 years as project manager, fund raiser, researcher and trainer on issues such as Inclusion Policies and Services, Corporate Social Responsibility, Local Sustainable Development, Active Citizenship.

I took part in several European projects, as coordinator or member of the Monitoring and Evaluation team. I supported several organizations in developing their Sustainability Report, coordinating data collection according to main international standards, developing impact evaluation and leading stakeholder engagement processes.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with different types of organizations: social cooperatives, NGOs, companies, local authorities, universities, schools.

Three words that inspire me: knowledge, dialogue, responsibility

Maria Carla Italia

Member and Expert

Humanities and social sciences have always been my core interest. After my graduation in Political Science and a few years carrying out research in Italy and France, I decided that communication would be my profession. First I entered the publishing business, then I co-founded my own agency: ten-years exciting planning and managing experience later continued as an independent worker. This is why I’m a professional member of the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI). My experience as Councillor in the Municipality I of the City of Genoa has raised my competence on social cohesion and inclusion, participation and active citizenship, schools and policies for young people, creative cities, gender equality. The desire to meet local needs with international opportunities led me to European Projects through the achievement of the Master in European Planning at the Venice International University.

Three words that inspire me: explore, exchange, be an enthusiast

Valeria Quartaroli

Junior Expert and Member

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in LanguagesCultures and Societies of Asia and Mediterranean Africa (Chinese Language), and a Master’s Degree in Comparative International Relations at Ca’Foscari University in Venice. After the cultural exchanges made during my studies in China, Vietnam and Spainas well as the work experiences abroad, I have now joint the “Glocal Factory system” as Projecting Junior Expert of European projects in the field of education, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. 

My motto - You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

Claudia Zago


I was born in 1985 and I live in Venice.

During and after my master degree in Psychology, at the Padua University, I did research activities about gender studies: gender stereotypes, gender violence, gender role and discriminations. I also worked in an important anti-violence centre in Venice.

My current job is to help unemployed people to find a new job, also working upon their “soft skills” and a positive attitude.

Projects are one of the best way able to understand and change better the mind, human relationships and ways to stay better into culture and world.

Glocal Factory deals with European projects and I believe that before doing a good project a good idea is crucial, as well as, method and a good partnership which is what we want to give you!


Three words that inspire me: empathy , sharing, inclusion

Sonia Premoli


The experiences I have had as a young person in the world of association and volunteering led me to the studies in Education Sciences. I had the opportunity to spend and improve my skills mainly in non-formal education, working with people in a high risk of social exclusion and marginality, disability and school.

I believe that getting in contact with the Other, especially if so different from me, is an indispensable opportunity of growth, enrichment and understanding of reality.

Alessandranna Nocella


Graduated in a foreign-language study-oriented for business management, I have developed other skills especially in institutional communication and in drafting parliamentary acts.

Thanks to my commitment to civic activism, I have had the chance to experience institutional mechanisms and thus understand the dynamics of social and cultural problems in both the local and national spheres.

Equally important was gaining experience in editing and drafting for online content and press releases.

I also managed a project of cultural enhancement of teachers certified by MIUR, organizing two editions of a training course on little known local cultural assets held in my native land, Agro Pontino, plain south of Lazio. I also deal with social media, SEO and new technologies.

In my leisure time, I enjoy cooking to experience a cuisine that marries tradition and healthy eating.

Three phrases that inspire me: lifelong learning, appreciating the good in people, hope and passion for change!

Aimilia Markouizou-Gkika

Member and collaborator

Being a Psychologist of Education and a Systemic Individual & Family Psychotherapist for over 25 years I have been working extensively with teachers, parents and students in schools on the prevention and treatment of drug abuse, as well as supporting troubled adults toward positive mental health outcomes. I have also been involved in child and adult training in various contexts. As a member in the Board of Directors of the Association for Systemic Family Therapy in Greece I bring all my different areas of expertise together to instill hope, know-how and meaning to the people I meet and work with. My Greek identity, coupled with both my international studies and work experience, as well as my marriage to an Italian allowed me to meet and happily collaborate with Glocal Factory in European projects. However, it is the values and spirit of its founder and of its members that keeps me closely attached and inspired in Glocal Factory’s aims and outcomes.

My learning and training path gave me the opportunity to travel and discover so much beauty. Today I seek this beauty through my work as an architect, my passion for graphics and my love for tailoring. 

Letizia Rocca


My curiosity is the engine that drives me to try to progress both in knowledge and skills.

Luciana Righetti