Experiential and gaming education for the development of sense of initiative and entrepreneurial skills in small and young students

Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learnt. You don’t have to be born an entrepreneur to run a successful business. You can become one by developing an entrepreneurial mind set and skills. As Europe needs more entrepreneurs creating jobs, it’s necessary to support this type of education in all EU countries.

Entrepreneurship education prepares people to be responsible and enterprising individuals. It helps people develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. Evidence shows that people with entrepreneurial education are more employable.

The most effective way to teach skills in young people is by interactive methodology and, in particular, through gaming activities. The course aims at transmitting experiential learning methodology and practical games to be used in class so as to “teach”, actually to develop, students and youngsters entrepreneurial skills, thus enabling them to become one day their own bosses.

Teachers attending this course will taste and collect a set of gaming activities and experiential learning tools to be used in school, along with some monitoring and evaluation tools for the assessment of skills acquisition.

The methodology will be blended (theory and practice) with a strong emphasis on the practical implementation of gaming tools, thus be prepared to play a lot and have fun while learning!


The Course is meant for all the teachers and educators interested in experiential learning methodology, in gaming activities for the development of skills, in the development of entrepreneurial attitude and mindset in young people.


  • Understand and apply experiential learning techniques with your learners
  • Properly use gaming activities so as to make them impactful on students’ motivation and performances
  • Learn about a set of gaming tools for educational purposes
  • Develop and implement an educational path on entrepreneurship for young students
  • Use monitoring and assessment tools for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills in youngsters.
  • Find out about EU policies and trends in school entrepreneurial education
  • Learn about some EU project products regarding education on entrepreneurship for young people
  • Hear from didactic practices on the topic as implemented by European colleagues
  • Acquire a European perspective and build lasting relationships with schools and colleagues throughout Europe.


  • Alessandro Carbone
  • Attilio Orecchio
  • Andreas Stefanidis
  • Aimilia Markouizou Gica

When and where

Athens (Greece)
05-11 May 2019

N. training days


Working language


Course Programme


Europass Mobility Certificate
Certificate of attendance


The service includes:
– the pedagogical training of participants by sending basic material available before the course beginning.
– the monitoring during the training through a monitoring grid which will be shared before the course beginning
– the learning results validation through customized interviews at the end of the course

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