The Flipped Classroom and Innovative Didactic Methodologies


How to upgrade your teaching skills and motivate your learners? Flipped Classroom and Cooperative Learning can support you to achieve greater learning results and to make your classes more engaging for you and your students!

We have designed a rich training programme, which alternates lectures by prominent experts, workshops and group work, to deepen the following topics:

  • Cooperative learning to teach young people autonomy, cooperation and solidarity
  • Flipped Classroom to use your teaching hours in a more engaging and fruitful way
  • Webquest methology to challenge your learners with web-based tasks


The Course is open to all the educators interested in the Flipped Classroom methodology.



  • Understand and apply cooperative learning techniques with your learners
  • Understand the Flipped Classroom methodology and its impact on students’ motivation and performances
  • Learn how to plan and implement a Flipped Lesson
  • Explore the main ICT tools for creating a flipped learning environment and learn how to use them efficiently
  • Understand the Webquest methodology
  • Learn how to plan and edit an online Webquest
  • Learn from didactic practices implemented by European colleagues
  • Acquire an European perspective and build lasting relationships with schools and colleagues throughout Europe


As part of its statutory objectives and in order to make European instruments as accessible as possible to EU citizens, Glocal Factory is launching a call for proposals for the awarding of 5 (five) scholarships worth € 240 (two hundred and forty) each, as a one-off contribution, for participation in the European training course.

The scholarship is accessible to teaching staff of schools of all levels, future teachers, school leaders, directors and principals, as well as educators operating in the field of school and continuing education. Upon receiving the scholarship the participants have to pay € 250.

The scholarship will be awarded by GlocalFactory to those who have applied and completed the application in all its parts, and have obtained the approval by the special committee established for this purpose by the Association.

The granting of the scholarship is at the discretion of the association and the evaluation committee established by it as well as its judgement is not in any way questionable.

The committee will base its discernment on the motivations expressed for the participation in the course as well as on the previous didactic and working experiences of the candidates.

Applications will be examined by order of arrival.


When and where

Verona (Italy)
20-26  October 2019


N. training days


Working language


Course Programme


Europass Mobility Certificate
Certificate of attendance


The service includes:
– the pedagogical training of participants by sending basic material available before the course beginning.
– the monitoring during the training through a monitoring grid which will be shared before the course beginning
– the learning results validation through customized interviews at the end of the course

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