Reviving Cultural Heritage

With the continuation of the Covid-19, urban and suburban green areas have gained new visibility, as an escape valve for […]


With this project, we would achieve the goals set by the European Union’s youth strategy for the period 2019-2027: promoting […]

I.C.E. – Informal Civic Education

The ICE Project arises from the need to recreate “learning communities for adults” on Civic practices and themes. The grassroots […]

Generation Z Reading Club

Young people today read less frequently than any previous generation and enjoy reading less than young people did in the […]


BIOSTEAM targets young people that are close to their entry into the labor market and facing a choice for their […]


Although many girls serenely navigate the transition to adulthood, many are not provided adequate support and opportunities to achieve their […]


Empowering Migrants to Be Representative Actors in Community Engagement. EMBRACE will increase migrants’ participation in decision-making and policy implementation processes […]