Synergy and Environment to Empower Decentralized Schools

A 36 months project, starting the 1st of September 2019. It is an Erasmus Plus project, a Strategic Partnership for Innovation that aims to help the breaking of isolation of the schools located in decentralized regions (in the mountain and in the smaller islands), trying to counter the risk that their geographical isolation may lead to cultural deprivation towards the correct knowledge, understanding and participation to the globalized and constantly interconnected world of today by the youngest. To this end, it will connect pupils who, in spite of their geographical distance, share similar socioenvironmental realities.
A method which can be a model for remote interaction between classes of different Countries will be designed and tested: it will experiment shared teaching and the extended learning environment on a transnational scale for the implementation of the Webquest model.

The method involves 2 subsequent steps:
1. “GREEN S.E.E.D.S. Toolkit”: educational, organizational, motivational, relational and IT contents, for the teachers’ training, in view of the building of the following point;
2. “GREEN S.E.E.D.S. for Environment ”: didactic units developed by the students and addressed to pupils in urban contexts: through twinning between schools, they will be trained in a peer-to-peer model.

The choice of the environment as a topic for the pupils’ work relies on the common bond with their natural surroundings as a common dimension of life and it is in line with the current historical trend, as adolescents from all over Europe have been acquiring environmental awareness and activating for the planet safeguard. In this context, the students’ work on the topic will bring along not only knowledge but also civic awareness.

The partnership is lead by Glocal Factory and it includes 2 research centres (Universidad de Vigo – ES; Synthesis LTD – CY); 2 educational institutions (IC Bosco Chiesanuova – IT; Srednja škola Vela Luka – HR) and 3 local institutions (Regione Val d’Aosta – IT, USR Veneto – IT, Administration of Chios Secondary
Education – GR).



Kick-off meeting in Verona

Online Conference

The project explained by the University of Vigo

The project explained by I.C. Boscochiesanuova