How important is history? You know, when you are young it is not easy or possible to know its value. It seems to study useless things, which will be of no use in everyday life when we grow up (as if at the age of ten it were possible to have a vision of the future, of the world of adults). Yet, for some, it may prove to be very unimportant to know the past of the world and humanity’s history. It is not simply a question of knowing dates, places and events to rattle off in television quizzes or various board games.


History, applied to a correct civic education and a more empathetic approach to life and sociality, is essential for understanding, learning, having a fairer and more respectful view toward everyone; it is needed to build a better world, made up of critical and healthy thoughts.


January 27 is the Day of Memory, instituted in order to remember one of the greatest disasters in human history. Unfortunately, there are still many injustices.
Every day, we and our partners work to contribute as much as possible to a world that does not forget the mistakes of the past and builds a fair and just everyday life.
Knowing and informing are the foundations, the first steps for a more inclusive and respectful society for any human being.