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Supporting Migrants into CVET


The “MiGreat! Supporting Migrants into CVET” is an Erasmus+ project (2016-2018), which aims to develop training procedures and tools to support training and employability of migrants.

Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece, are the countries involved in the project.


“MiGreat!” aims to improve the skills of VETPROs working with immigrants, migrant workers and refugees transferring the successful “CICERO” vocational training pedagogy and methodology used in Sweden.

The main project’s target group consists of VETPROs (Vocational Education and Training professionals) working with immigrants. The secondary target group includes people with a migrant background, migrant workers and refugees.


The first expected Output is a collection of Case Studies and an extended Needs Analysis concerning CVET (Continuous Vocational Education and Training) and APL, with particular focus on some sectors: Agriculture, Construction, Health, Retail, Services, Textile and Tourism .
The second output consists of a mobile app based upon ‘coaching principles’ and social networking where users are set a series of practical challenges and activities relating to continuous vocational training or education (CVET) in a new country. It is a tool for helping Migrants access CVET.


The third Output consists of a set of 11 modules for helping migrants and refugees access CVET and employment. The same modules will be showed on a Platform for eLearning (fourth Output) while a Methodology Handbook and Training Course Plan for VET Professionals will be the fifth and last Output.


Project website: www.mi-great.eu

Article on the research led by the partners: migrate-may2018