Promoting migrants’ democratic participation and integration

The efficacy of social inclusion process in EU member states for Asylum Seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection, is questioned because of the perceived decline in civic engagement, and in their capacity to organize themselves and participate in the social daily life.

The objective of the project, which aims at stakeholders such as national and local institutions and NGOs/service providers, is to create a training curriculum and modules on Civic Education for newly arrived and settled Asylum Seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection through a unified online platform. The scope is to offer multi-faceted CE opportunities and support their social inclusion process into the host societies, with tacit knowledge such as virtues, norms and critical thinking so as to strengthen their autonomy, self-efficacy, to self-confidence and enhance their cognitive skills.

The two-year project will develop the following outputs:

  1. Guidelines for consultation with stakeholders: to reflect on the current delivery methods of Civic Education, collect evidence based practices and consequently develop the courses content.
  2. CE Modules: It envisages the creation of CE modules. The aim is to improve civic and intercultural competences and to enhance critical thinking for Asylum Seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection.
  3. E-Learning Platform Environment: a multilingual responsive OER for autonomous learners.
  4. ECTS format for Civic Education: the project will offer the ability to attend to online exams to be accredited with relevant ECTS credits. Those who will pass the exams will be awarded with 3 ECTS credits and a certificate, valid for all EU Member States.

The consortium, representing 5 countries and led by Glocal Factory, involves also the University of Nicosia (CY), Synthesis research centre (CY), the Centre for European Constitutional Law (GR), the European Information Centre (BG), and Videnscenter for Integration (DK).



Kick-Off meeting in Verona

Focus group of Stakeholders in Verona

Focus group of Stakeholders in Florence

Final event in Verona!