SYW: Sustainable Youth Work: from volunteering to entrepreneurship


The project aims at providing Youth Workers with entrepreneurial skills through a period of mobility in European and African companies. Then it seeks to complete the training path built up by our project CultNet by adding to the MOOC a Wiki area and a Tandem APP. And finally it wants to increase the official recognition of youth work by the involvement of official training institutions. The project is grandet by the European Union in the Programme Erasmus Plus – Capacity Building for Youth Workers.


The Partnership is led by the Association Glocal Factory and composed by:

  • USMA – a big sport association acting in the province of Padua;
  • CZ-ART – a very skilled youth association from Czestochowa, Poland, focused on “art for active citizenship”;
  • I-Space – organization for innovation, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment from Ghana;
  • Marmaduke – a company of young artists from Seville, Spain;
  • EmpServe – a Company which mission is development of  ICTs infrastructures and services to help sustainable development in the poorest areas of Kenia.


The Partners met online on December 5th to plan the first phases of the project. The first Transnational Partners’ meeting is now scheduled on 6th – 8th March, 2019, in Seville.