How important is it to create and maintain strong and, above all, healthy relationships in the workplace? You can do the most beautiful job in the world, but if there is no feeling with colleagues, everyday life can turn into a real nightmare.


Nowadays, many companies organize events and team-building moments to strengthen the team spirit within their teams. Let’s admit that we like to see those situations as a strengthening of our large Glocal Factory family. This is not just a workplace, but a space (not necessarily physical) in which to best express ourselves and be able to develop who we are, contributing to the world, and society.


Before being colleagues or collaborators, we are people, each with their rhythms, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics and it is good to remember this, in our opinion, every day.
A healthy work environment, in addition to allowing better results and easier achievement of team objectives, allows you to protect the most important aspect: personal well-being.


This is where everything comes from.
Even more so in working contexts such as that of Glocal Factory, where everyone works for the community, including and supporting others.


We are all important.