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Educate and Train emerging Challenges: Internet of Things


Research around Europe have shown that practicing teachers in VET organizations are not applying emerging technologies like Internet of Things. This sector however advances very fast. Europe faces drastic loss of expertise and skills in the future if these technologies are not soon applied into VET school programs. The project idea is to offer an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) teaching and learning package for vocational education incorporated with teacher trainings modules and an open broker platform.


The activities of the project cover a three year working plan, and provide:

  • Research on existing platforms, IoT trends and perspective along with current curricula in VET schools in terms of emerging technologies
  • Develop the hardware and software solution suitable for VET organizations
  • Develop teacher training curriculum module applicable for different countries in EU
  • Develop teaching and learning methodology and material as an open MOOCs course

Project consortium is representing 3 countries (Germany, Italy, Estonia) through the expertise of 7 partners belonging to VET and educational centres, digital and technical experts, no for profit organisations, and led by the High school of Bochum.


The project will impact on how IoT can be anchored in VET giving opportunities to work with emerging technologies. This will increase employability of VET students, improve foreign language proficiency (IoT is dealing most likely with English), and result in math and science performance.


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