With a Law Master Degree (University of Florence 2019) and specialized in Management and Conservation of World Heritage (Specialization course Palazzo Spinelli 2020-2021), she has worked at Ufficio UNESCO Patrimonio Mondiale (Assessorato alla Cultura at Municipality of Florence 2021).

Passionate with the fields of Cultural Heritage protection, valorization and education, she has gained experience in the field of cultural European projects starting from her first internship as European design project assistant in Athens (Academy of Entrepreneurship 2020). Currently European Project Manager at Glocal Factory.

Main topics of past European projects she has dealt with: promotion of local cultures for social inclusion; new approaches to better support the competitiveness of rural areas as well as promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage to create regenerative effects in these areas; local community participation in World Heritage management; but also, ways to improve civic and intercultural competencies of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection. Her motto is “dance in the sun and turn your back to the clouds” (African proverb).