25 aprile

April 25: Italian People’s Liberation Day, but what does it mean to be free? Do we realize this? The echoes of one of the darkest historical periods for our country and for the whole world begin to disperse with the losses of the last survivors of what was a tragedy that unfortunately has not been perceived as such by everyone.


Even today, some regret certain political ideologies, and others hope for dictatorships affirming that we deserve them, but we at Glocal Factory believe that it is a somewhat simplistic vision to regret something that has not been tried and experienced first-hand.


It is true, there are still many steps to take for a more just society; there are still many problems and injustices afflicting the planet and society, but at least in the modest part of the world we live in, we believe that things are not so bad after all.


Freedom is not an easy condition either to conquer or to maintain; being free requires effort and determination, but we believe that none of these efforts can ever be put on a par with the condition of slavery, the real one, the one that takes away all rights from the person, making them a trivial number.


Let’s make sure that flags represent wealth and that they continue to fly in the name of unity between peoples because we can all learn and get rich thanks to differences.

25 aprile