We often talk about inclusion when it comes to matters like migrants and/or refugees, but…Are we actually inclusive? Saying and doing are two very different things, and also social issues like inclusion are difficult to be applied. Words play a fundamental role in the spreading of an idea, or a message, but they are not enough: concrete actions are needed to make real changes.

Inclusion is important in every context, the most unimaginable, and even towards people we would never deal with. Including means mutually enriching, it implies letting those people who belong to a completely different social reality discover our everyday life; and in turn, we become guests of the everyday life of other people.

The more we are different from each other, the more potential for mutual enrichment settles down.

Including: adding new elements.

Including does not take anything off anyone. Including is both giving and taking. It is the only way to approach our present society fairly. The rest is just fears dictated by non-knowledge. We need to approach what is new and different to break down the wall of fear. If we only approach matters and people reflecting us, there will not be any personal and social enrichment. It would be a continuous dead-end agreeing with ourselves.