This article has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day gifts or with being in love (in the strictest sense of the word). We are talking about people who do have someone they love, but in another part of the world, at home. Let’s talk about those people who embark on a journey to seek their fortune abroad. We are (also) talking about those young Italians who take a plane, go to London or other places, work a lot, maybe even make a career, have a very enriching experience, and then, sometimes, come back home satisfied, happy and grown up. But what happens if the protagonists of these adventures come from other countries and arrive in Italy to work and send part of the money to their families in their country of origin? Unfortunately, a feeling of annoyance and rejection is often created towards these people who have someone they love but cannot take care of that love (financially). Isn’t it the same mechanism or a similar principle?


The pursuit of happiness and a better and dignified life is what we all seek, each in our way, each with our possibilities. But not always, unfortunately, this thing is accepted by those who “receive visits”.
It seems that not everyone has the right to love life, or a family.