A practical tool-kit to engage pupils and achieve better learning outcomes

This course provides participants with a toolbox to make educational processes more effective and motivating. Through a series of practical workshops, participants will acquire the ability to use and produce: mind and concept maps and other “knowledge organizer”; video-editing for the “flipped classroom”; web-quests, case studies, “debate” experiences and other techniques inspired by the pedagogy of engagement; IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) and IBSE (Inquiry Based Science Education) ; tools for assessing competences (particularly useful for distance learning, but also indispensable for face-to-face teaching); peer learning, particularly for remedial learning

Basic knowledge will also be provided on: virtual and augmented reality; “gamification”; access to and production of Open Educational Resources; protection of intellectual property through the use of Common Licences.

The course is eligible for ErasmusPlus KA1 funds.

Scheduled sessions:

14/03/2022 > 19/03/2022 in Verona, Italy

04/04/2022 > 09/04/2022 in Hydra island, Greece

For more information please contact info@glocalfactory.eu