There are two main approaches to life: fear of the other or openness to differences and following interaction. The first vision is undoubtedly the most limiting and devoid of any cultural or relational usefulness. Closing oneself in a shell certainly cannot lead to the development of a more open and broad-minded society. The second approach is the one that we at Glocal Factory embrace and that we support every day with our projects.


The history of humanity has progressed only and exclusively thanks to interaction, and to questioning some certainties or popular beliefs, to take an alternative direction. To make all this possible it is essential to know how to listen, that is not passively, but actively. Listening is almost always the most difficult thing to do because we often want to be listened to, without doing the same towards others; it is normal: it’s not easy to grow up in an environment where we are taught that something is right and something else is wrong. We need to open up to dialogue and question ourselves. This is probably one of the highest displays of humility and intelligence.


Through our work, which lays the very foundations in interaction and diversity, this theory is confirmed every day: the more you relate to different people, the more you can enrich your baggage. The continuous dialogue between people who share similar opinions and views of life only leads to a stagnant situation that in a short time begins to smell old and obsolete.


Humanity evolves mainly thanks to two aspects: empathy and comparison. If you learn to listen to different voices, the path to a fairer society will be easier than expected.


True wealth is the baggage that we carry within us thanks to the experiences we make along our journey.