GrandMas’ Story met for the last time in Istanbul, with an amazing, interesting and full-experienced conference among the partners. 16 people coming from 6 different Countries shared the last news and updates about the project! A wonderful city tour closed the meeting. But not the project! GrandMas’ Story aims at collecting the migration story of grandmas and at showing them using the innovative tool of the pop-up exhibition. In this way, it wants to create a bridge among local, migrant communities and youth improving a participatory process among official institutions (as museum) and Civil Society Organisations. Since 2017, the partnership has produced 3 free and easy-to-use guidelines on “heritage trail”, “community empowerment” and “pop-up exhibition kit”. Then, in the project platform, tutorial videos to take interviews, a place where grandmas’ stories can be uploaded and three stories from each partner (27 in total) are provided to youth workers who deal with migration issues daily.
Now a month is still missing, multiplier events in all Countries are planned and they are going to be implemented. All of us strongly want to collaborate again. So, stay updated, because this is not the end, just the beginning!
Teşekkürler – Thank you