PROM PAR project, civic education for migrants, has kicked off in Verona on November 4 and 5. The consortium, from CY, IT, GR, BG and DK has discussed the operational aspects of the required outputs during these two days which also included a visit to the city of Verona and a “social dinner” at the Associazione “Equilibri precari” which – among others – organises training for pizza makers referred to young migrants so as to enable them to find a job. The working time was shared with discussions, group works, and presentations under the coordination of GlocalFactory which is the leader of this partnership. The high motivation and the strong operational investment shown by the partners is a promising leverage for the successful and impactful outcome of this project. PROM Par aims at creating online training units for migrants so as to develop knowledge and skills for active citizenship. Civic education is the frame for these educational units and will be developed and tested in a period of 24 months.