The Glocal Factory members’ meeting took place on 21 and 22 May in Fittà, in the province of Verona, hosted by Cooperative Multiforme.

The assembly approved the final balance sheet for 2020 and the budget for 2021. It then discussed the progress made in the first three years since its foundation, marked by rapid growth in activities, ongoing projects, and the number of members and collaborators, and the policy guidelines for the next three years.

The assembly unanimously elected Anna Schena, 28, a graduate in philosophy, a founding member of the Cooperative, and a project designer and manager (particularly for projects dedicated to the empowerment of young people), as president of the Cooperative.

The assembly thanked Attilio Orecchio for having carried out the role of president in the first three years with competence and passion.

Members of the new Board  are Alessandro Carbone, Cristina Demartis, Elena Frascaroli, Attilio Orecchio and Anna Schena.