The projects we are part of are often aimed at the weakest sections of the population and aim primarily at the integration of individuals. The people we support with these projects are often migrants, young people, and women. However, it is in young people that we invest a lot of our energies because they are the subjects who make up the future of civilization and the planet.


Too often they are gratuitously criticized without being given valid opportunities. Those who work hand-in-hand with young people know well that the truth is that if opportunities and the right means are offered to them, they know how to surprise us with the will they put into doing things.


Dedicating ourselves to young people is a real investment in the future and in the formation of aware individuals; it means aiming for a citizenship of tomorrow that is more active and attentive to the problems that anyone can run into, because very often certain comforts are only the result of chance, of a condition in which we find ourselves, determined by the geographical area in which we are born.


We believe that this is a fundamental value to be transmitted in order to aim for a more equitable and just society.