These are sad times in which the word “war” has unfortunately returned as the protagonist of the news. With these episodes, terms like “welcome”, “brotherhood” and “inclusion” have also found ample space. We at Glocal Factory firmly believe that it is appropriate to always remember these three words and have them well engraved in our minds and hearts. These are not words that should be limited to riding a media wave. Unfortunately, there are many wars and, of course, none excludes others, but it is good to remember that the people who experience these tragedies are in constant search of happiness, well-being and tranquility, like all of us, after all.


Inclusion, the real one, provides for paths that allow these people to be able to get involved, to re-build a life that is worthy of being defined as such and not of feeling a burden for other people. This pushes us every day to create training courses and projects aimed at doing justice and offering new opportunities to anyone.


For inclusion to work, it is important to create the right circumstances and to provide the means for collaboration and the establishment of new collective projects or the placement of people in already existing realities.


Let us not forget that behind certain collective names there are people and life stories, dreams, desires, and needs.