How much do we like to travel? Packing our suitcases or backpacks, taking a train, a flight, a bus, or a caravan, and exploring new worlds is something everyone loves. The travel experience is fundamental for the human being, who is born nomad and periodically returns in search of this condition. Whether it is to switch off and rest or to venture into an experience, it is undeniable that traveling offers very strong emotions.


Some people, however, unfortunately, seem not to have this right or find themselves forced to travel, to survive, or to make their family survive because they no longer have a welcoming “home”.


The two-year period 2020-2022 (should have) taught us that being able to move from our home or our country is a right that we all felt denied. Now we want to propose a little reflection: why, when travel turns into migration, ergo necessity (and not pleasure), is considered something wrong and hardly acceptable? We tend to judge this kind of traveler negatively, without thinking about the reasons for his choice, defining him as a profiteer, forgetting that the purposes of traveling can be several.


Even more so, those who pack a suitcase to seek “luck” or simply the dignity of a healthy life, must be respected and protected even more than those who, like all of us, travel whenever they have the occasion. Since the travel experience enriches everyone, it must be considered a right and not a luxury. A right to be protected even for those who travel not by choice, but by survival.