In a historical period in which technology runs faster and faster, facing every day the issue of artificial intelligence with its pros and cons, we realize that true wealth lies in people and the relationships between them. The individual is a resource for himself, for the community and the entire world, if cultivated with care and love since childhood.


Our projects always deal with people, often those in the greatest difficulty, such as migrants or women who arrive from countries where the condition of freedom is not so obvious. Just as often, however, we work with young people, the future of society and the Earth.
Investing resources in the younger population is equivalent to trying to create (if not guarantee) a brighter future for everyone. In this sense, relationships are fundamental to breaking that invisible barrier which is the digitalisation of everything, which too often leads to individual isolation, especially in young people, who need their social dimension more than anyone.


We do not demonize technology, we work on it every day, but we strongly believe that it cannot and should not replace humanity if we want to hope for a different, more beautiful, respectful, and inclusive future.