We often hear about NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training): they are young, perhaps a little bewildered by scenarios that are not too encouraging. Boys and girls are not living in a particularly flourishing historical period; nevertheless, it is from the shadiest historical moments that projects, perspectives, and new horizons are born… But these destabilizing moments must be first overcome!


The youngest generations are often criticized for not being engaged in studies, employment or training as if it were (necessarily) a fault – or a choice.
Looking at our country, it is on the agenda, in this last period, to hear entrepreneurs complaining about the lack of personnel despite the proposals for interesting and worthy salaries, but is that really so?


We come from a generation that has reasoned with its head down and worked hard at all costs, a generation that today, in many cases, is at the head of small companies that have asked young generations to accept any working condition, because work ennobles, according to them. But does this expression still make sense? Are young generations really lazy or are they unwilling to accept non-existent contracts, ridiculous wages, non-existent rest periods, as well as many other rights that have been taken away from us without any opposition?


One thing is certain for us: these young people are looking to a future that some adults no longer look to. We want to listen to these “lazy” people, play in their team, and help them build a life path, which leads them somewhere. They have the right to lead a pleasant life and to fulfill their wishes, not just at those of a society bent on duty at any cost.