Glocal Factory designs and implements projects granted by the European Union and other public and private institutions, aimed at social inclusion, people and community empowerment, sustainable development.

We are currently engaged, together with other Italian and European partners, in implementing 15 transnational projects funded by the EU in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Programme:

RaCIP – Raising Capacity for Inclusive People engaged in private sponsorship

Project supported by AMIF programme of the European Union, RaCIP involves 9 partners from 5 countries.

RaCIP will enhance capacity building for organisations operating Private Sponsorship (PS) schemes or otherwise engaged in community-based support to refugees’ integration. The project will feature several pilot schemes aimed at scaling up existing PS and strengthening community-based efforts by experimenting PS initiatives in the Member States involved.

Boomering – Combattere le fake news col pensiero critico [pagina in italiano]


Boomering è un progetto Europeo Erasmus Plus che vuole offrire agli adolescenti, ai genitori e agli educatori strumenti e metodi per contrastare le fake news e la disinformazione sul web sui temi della Salute, Politica, Migrazione, Economia, Religione, Ambiente etc.


Promoting migrants’ democratic participation and integration.

The objective of the project, which aims at stakeholders such as national and local institutions and NGOs/service providers, is to create a training curriculum and modules on Civic Education for newly arrived and settled Asylum Seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection through a unified online platform. The scope is to offer multi-faceted CE opportunities and support their social inclusion process into the host societies, with tacit knowledge such as virtues, norms and critical thinking so as to strengthen their autonomy, self-efficacy, to self-confidence and enhance their cognitive skills.


Synergy and Environment to Empower Decentralized Schools.

A 36 months project, starting the 1st of September 2019. It is an Erasmus Plus project, a Strategic Partnership for Innovation that aims to help the breaking of isolation of the schools located in decentralized regions (in the mountain and in the smaller islands), trying to counter the risk that their geographical isolation may lead to cultural deprivation towards the correct knowledge, understanding and participation to the globalized and constantly interconnected world of today by the youngest.


SYW: Sustainable Youth Work: from volunteering to entrepreneurship.

The project aims at providing Youth Workers with entrepreneurial skills through a period of mobility in European and African companies. Then it seeks to complete the training path built up by our project CultNet by adding to the MOOC a Wiki area and a Tandem APP. And finally it wants to increase the official recognition of youth work by the involvement of official training institutions. The project is grandet by the European Union in the Programme Erasmus Plus – Capacity Building for Youth Workers.


Get Out of the Loop – good practices against new poverties.

The GOL project – in the frame of the EU Programme Erasmus Plus, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education – aims to tackle the theme of social exclusion valorizing existing good practices in Europe to combat social exclusion; confronting the methods of “generative welfare”, based on the involvement of the excluded and the resigned who do not seek work and do not inform about their rights, developing the empowerment of the marginalized people and re-creating the link broken at the community level; comparing operators working on marginality with European tools and practices against social exclusion; analyzing social policy experiments based on the resilience of people in times of difficulty and crisis; monitoring social protection systems to identify practices responding to the problems of poverty and social exclusion; experimenting the model proposed by the partnership and contextualize it in own reality.

Individually, some members of “Glocal Factory” are involved in the implementation of other EU projects. Among them:

  • BELOW 10, focused on fighting against early school leaving
  • AMARE – A Multicultural Approach to REsilience, focused on migrants involvement in civili protection activities